Designing a home is an intimate and personal experience.  Julia believes that trust, open communication and compatibility within the designer-client relationship are essential to a successful project outcome.  Julia begins the design process with an initial consultation with the client.  In this meeting, the scope of the project is discussed along with the budget, general schedule, and any specific needs (immediate or long-term) that the client may have.  Over the course of several meetings with the client, Julia encourages an open exchange of ideas and information as she works to interpret the client’s functional requirements and overall aesthetic.  Based upon the information collected from these client meetings, Julia's creative vision drives the programming requirements, design choices, and layout decisions, while the overall result is carefully planned to reflect the client’s lifestyle preferences. 

In the Construction Phase, she provides specifications required for construction or renovation, including plumbing fixtures (bath and kitchen), hard surface finishes (floors, walls, ceiling) and hardware (door, window and cabinetry).  She collaborates with the architect and contractor to coordinate on site schedules and installations. 

In the Design Phase, she provides furniture floor plans, selection of all fabrics and furniture, floor coverings, window treatments, lighting, cabinets, millwork and decorative accessories.  In addition, she provides full service project management, site supervision, coordination and follow-through.  Julia also handles all the business details of the project, placing and tracking orders, scheduling shipping, delivery and a turnkey installation to bring the project to a successful completion.